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I Rode for the Wigglin’ W

When Flynn McGuin boards the bus leaving Mudrock, Missouri, he believes his troubles are over. His destination is Wyoming ranch country. Riding, roping, wrangling—that’s Flynn’s idea of a dream job. And no matter how demanding the work or rugged the conditions, Flynn knows the wide open spaces, the cowboy comradery, and the high likelihood of meeting a beautiful ranch girl will make it all worthwhile. Certainly more worthwhile than spending the summer sweltering in a little tin shed while tending a parking lot where no one parks.

Within hours of arrival at the Wigglin’ W, Flynn regrets his decision. This is no normal ranch. The Wiggin’ W is, in Flynn’s own words, “an insane asylum with a Western motif.” He desires nothing more than to catch the next bus out of town. Alas, he has accidentally destroyed ranch property and the slip-up costs him a week of indentured service.

During that week, Flynn has the opportunity to completely change his mind about the Wigglin’ W being a loony bin. He declines the opportunity, however, upon learning that the foreman once hanged a man for telling puns, the owner doesn’t know what century he’s living in, and at least one of his coworkers is brain-dead.

When his debt is finally paid, Flynn wastes no time heading for the bus station, missing the bus, winding up in a saloon, and falling hard for a beautiful, doe-eyed dancing girl. As love awakens his heart and incapacitates his brain, Flynn forgets fleeing and instead commences a clumsy courtship. All goes smoothly until Flynn realizes he’s made some enemies. Also, the girl isn’t interested in being courted.

Or is she?

With sly wit and his trademark tongue-in-check humor, McGuin delivers everything you’d expect in a rollicking Western parody: Evil villains, bar-room brawls, scheming swindlers, a talking mannequin, and of course, forbidden love.


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