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On the meaning and purpose of judgment… 

“With man not all things are possible but with God all things are possible.”  

The earthly model for what we call judgment is limited by man’s own limitations. An earthly judge can find an accused person innocent or guilty. If found guilty, he can set forth some form of punishment (or not) and in some (unfortunately rare) instances might be able to instigate a measure of restitution on the part of the wrong-doer towards the victim. 

What an earthly judge cannot do is redeem the wrong that has been done to the degree that victim, perpetrator and all involved are blessed, benefited, etc. from the once evil – now redeemed sequence of events.  God can do this – witness the Cross. 

An earthly judge often sentences an offender to prison, as much to “keep him off the streets” as to punish him. Some prisoners are considered “beyond rehabilitation”. This again is due our limitations as humans. God, on the other hand, (and He alone) can change the heart of a man. 

The true meaning of “justice” is to make things right – to restore a situation, a relationship, to God’s intents and will. We call it “justice for the victim’s family” when a murderer is locked up. What a powerless shadow of God’s justice that is -- nothing is truly restored.  

What we call “judgment” must likewise be a feeble shadow of God’s true judgment.  Since God can do all things, His judgment must go infinitely beyond punishment and the occasional feeble attempts at rehabilitation.

 Would the God who can bring true justice, true restoration, true redemption, stop at merely punishing or casting away the convicted ones?

Would the One who sets the prisoners free, lock them up and throw away the key because they are “beyond rehabilitation”?  

When we judge the nations, will we be merely pronouncing guilt and meting out punishment? Or will we be correcting, teaching, mentoring, showing the way of righteousness to a people once rebellious, now subdued?


With all the talk of the "greenhouse effect" and "global warming", why are vapor trails (a.k.a. contrails) never (to my knowledge) suggested as a source of increased cloud cover? There are days when I would estimate the sun is obscured by 10 per cent or more and contrails are the only form of clouds. During the first few  days after 9/11 when there was no commercial air traffic, the skies were more clear and blue than I had ever seen them. No, I don't think it's a conspiracy. I just wonder why a non-expert like me can think of this but the talking heads never mention it?


On a similar note... when the highways are traversed by hydrogen-powered cars that emit only clean pure water as exhaust, what will happen to that clean pure water in sub-freezing weather? Will it become ice? ...fog? Will cars have holding tanks? ...diapers? Am I the only one who has thought of this?


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More Questions Than Answers


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