~ Humor  ~
(With Some Educational Value)

Computer Quiz #1

Note: Some questions have more than one correct answer.

1. "A BOOTUP" is:
  a. Army Basic On-computer Operations Training Upgrade Program
  b. Your computer loading it's operating system
  c. When you're so mad at your computer you kick it 10 feet in the air
2. Windows is/are:
  a. The glass on computer monitor screens 
  b. Bill Gate's "windows" based operating system
  c. Bill Gate's secret conspiracy to watch you through your monitor screen
  d. The boxes in which information appears on your monitor screen
3. The correct way to shut down a computer is:
  a. Click on "START", then click "Turn off computer"
  b. Push the same button you pushed to start the computer
  c. Force it into bankruptcy
4. "Drag and drop" is:
  a. A loose tailpipe
  b. A clumsy cross-dresser
  c. A mouse operation that moves an object on the screen
  d. A mouse operation that is interrupted by a human entering the kitchen
5. "Select" means:
  a. Only the finest, most robust software
  b. A computer choosing when, where and with whom it will cooperate
  c. To highlight text or other objects you wish to edit
  d. To choose an option in a menu or dialog box
6. A computer monitor is:
  a. A tech-savy lizard
  b. The kid who makes sure you have a computer pass
  c. Also called, "display", "screen" and "central processing unit"
  d. Same as c. above, except without "central processing unit"
7. A "Context Menu" appears when you:
  a. Select text and then right-click
  b. Right-click on your desktop
  c. Right-click almost anywhere 
  d. Right-click in a restaurant
8. "Tool Tips" are:
  a. Helpful suggestions from Tim and Al
  b. Swiss Army shoes
  c. Descriptions that appear when you mouse over a button or icon

Answers: 1-b, 2-b&d, 3-a, 4-c, 5-c&d, 6-d, 7-a,b&c, 8-c


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