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(With Some Educational Value)

Computer Quiz #2

Keyboard Shortcuts

1. "Control-P" is:
  a. A keyboard shortcut that opens the print dialog box
  b. A keyboard shortcut that gives you virtually unlimited power over the letter "P"
  c. The ability to work at a computer while drinking coffee without a break
2. "Control-Z" is:
  a. A USB-powered wristband that delivers a mild shock if you start to doze off
  b. A power-tripping rapper 
  c. A keyboard shortcut that allows you to undo one or more actions
3. "Control-X":
  a. Initiates an Internet content filter
  b. Directs Google Maps to find buried treasure
  c. Removes whatever you have selected and places it on the clipboard
3. "Control-V":
  a. Was added at the suggestion of Winston Churchill
  b. Is the preferred navigation software among geese
  c. Is the same as right-clicking and selecting "paste"
4. "Control-L":
  a. Lets you pick up where you Left off
  b. Does absolutely nothing (except in some programs)
  c. Edits your text to be longer, loftier, or more literate, depending on how hard you press
5. "Control-A":
  a. Selects all text, cells and/or objects in a document
  b. Helps you manage a high-strung boss or coworker
  c. Is the top grade in micromanagement class 
6. "Control-S":
  a. Saves the document
  b. Saves the environment
  c. Saves the selected amount to an IRA or 401k
7. "Control-B"
  a. Keeps stinging insects away
  b. Is the fall-back plan when control-A doesn't work
  c. Transforms shy text into bold text
8. "Control-I"
  a. Translates selected text into Italian
  b. Makes selected text italic
  c. Is the "It'll have to do" command
9. "Control-U"
  a. Is a precisely executed reversal of direction
  b. Makes selected text easier to understand
  c. Underlines selected text

Answers: 1-a, 2-c, 3-c, 4-b, 5-a, 6-a, 7-c, 8-b, 9-c


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