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Are You a Worship Leader?

Most people think the term "worship leader" is a title for the guy up front who helps us know what notes to sing and when to sing them. But you could be, and maybe are, a worship leader! You don't even have to know music or carry a tune.

How can you be a worship leader? Be someone who stirs the hearts of others to worship God! Think of what motivates you to worship and offer that to those around you. Be aware of how your words and actions affect someone else's moment by moment awareness of God.

Most anyone who exhorts appreciates hearing, "Amen!" or "That's right!" Those responses indicate their listeners are hearing and agreeing with what they are proclaiming. But when they start hearing, "Yes Lord!" and, "Thank You Jesus!", they know their words are leading people into worship.

A musician with a heart for God is one who would gladly trade a standing ovation for the sight of worship taking place—quietly or with jubilation—while the song is being delivered.

But we don't have to be "up front" to lead worship. We can lead worship in any conversation, any situation. How? By declaring God's praises in word and deed. Maybe this simple definition of praise will help: Praise is saying anything about God that is true. That's right, anything! If it's true, it's praise. And apart from words, praise is living—handling every situation— according to what we know to be true of God.

Have you ever noticed how a single acknowledgement of God's faithfulness can change the course of a conversation, release direction or bring light to a dark situation? What would a lifestyle of praise do? I think it would stir up worship in not only others but in ourselves. We can lead ourselves into worship!

We are blessed with skilled musicians who do an excellent job leading corporate praise, worship, celebration and ministry. But we can all help stir these things in one another wherever we are. Jesus said, "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, who is in heaven." (Matthew 5:16)

Are you a worship leader?


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